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Oct 11, 2018

Learn what it takes to run a successful inbound marketing campaign in the legal space with insights from Bryan Harris, VP of Sales and Advertising at LegalZoom.

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Show Notes

  • LegalZoom Advertising Team Breakdown: Online, Broadcast, Organic, Testing.
  • Metrics: Connectivity, Click to Call Conv. %, Automation, Calls Driven
  • Top Performing Legal Vertical: Business Formations
  • Use LegalZoom to set up your affiliate business!
  • Combination of Brand, Acquisition, Media Channels.
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a major channel for acquiring legal customers.
  • Legal zoom is a one-stop shop including: Self Service, Live Chat and Customer Care Center
  • Provide information and resources to help them make the best decision.
  • Compliance is key! Specific rules for marketing and advertising in the legal space.
  • A lot of affiliates don’t know where their traffic is coming from.
  • Make sure your callers know why they are calling before they connect with an agent.
  • Adam: Build tangible, long-term assets on single campaigns.
  • The legal space is in the US alone is massive.
  • Business growth and the economy improves (low unemployment, high job growth).
  • Challenges: Industry is fragmented and highly localized.
  • Verticals: Consumer (Disability, Family, Immigration) and Business(Trademarks, Patents).
  • Growth of mobile traffic sources like SMS and Inbound Calls.
  • Biggest Opportunity: Directly connecting leads to a customer care center.
  • Researching emerging trends and new opportunities.
  • Automation to help clients, decrease costs and scale.

About LegalZoom

LegalZoom is a trusted platform of people and technology that gives the world access to consistently high quality legal solutions. As the nation’s leading provider, LegalZoom empowers millions of people to protect what matters most to them. Whether it’s helping small business owners or families, LegalZoom delivers high touch, high service legal solutions that help customers be more informed and secure in their legal decisions. LegalZoom services customers in the US and the UK and is now over 1,200 employees strong.


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