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Jan 17, 2019

Learn how to dominate a competitive market and why you need to create long-term assets with valuable content from Yohan Perez and Neil Rubin, founders of Rank Media Agency. 


Show Notes

  • Yohan Perez and Neil Rubin, Co Founders of Rank Media Agency.
  • Founded in 2010 and based in Montreal with 35+ Employees.
  • Presented at more conferences than any other call network.
  • Clients like Ritz Carlton, Sotheby's and MontBlanc.
  • Focused too much time and energy on creating niche technology.
  • Creating and building branded properties and how to monetize and optimize traffic for ROI.
  • Build assets and create content and use the right tools to control and mitigate risk.
  • High quality content and targeted conversion paths that are relevant to the user experience and their goals / needs / wants.
  • Don’t underestimate the value of high-quality inbound content!
  • Dig into your analytics to understand more about your audience demographics and their behavior.
  • It’s a massive industry with lots of cross-selling opportunities and loyal consumers.
  • Very competitive to get into the 65+ demographic space. Not a lot of room for new players.
  • Acquiring an established website with traffic / data and optimizing it for conversions and calls.
  • Data and Analytics is the most important consideration.
  • Working with calls eliminates a lot of the fraud and quality issues vs data and form fills.
  • Calls are immediate and you get feedback a lot quicker. This helps you manage campaigns and clients even better.
  • You need to stay on top of what is happening with your calls, conversion rates, average durations, call results, etc.
  • Listen to call recordings! Every team member should listen to calls.
  • Go hyperlocal into your segment.
  • Financial assistance space has a massive market and many cross-selling opportunities.
  • Debt and Insurance is never going away.
  • Play the long-game and develop a strategy for long-term success in your niche.
  • Learn more and work with Yohan and Neil at



About Rank Media Agency

Rank Media Agency is a versatile team of developers, designers and marketing professionals that helps clients navigate the fast-paced digital landscape to effectively grow businesses and build-up brands. Our integrated approach allows us to use tech and creative marketing to build up your brand, generate leads and dominate the space within your vertical.


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