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Nov 15, 2018

Find out what it takes to build a successful technology company in the performance marketing industry with Sam Darawish, CEO and CoFounder of Everflow.

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Show Notes

  • Everflow is a performance affiliate tracking platform.
  • Entered the performance marketing industry in 2006 focusing on Mortgage leads.
  • Cofounded a mobile ad network in 2009 that was acquired by Opera Software.
  • There are lots of ups-and-downs. Identify and work with the right partners.
  • Unlimited caps / not caring about quality for Advertisers and previous experience for Publishers.
  • Top verticals: Mobile App Installs, Leads and Pay Per Call.
  • Lead Generation can easily be converted into Pay Per Call!
  • Being aware of developing features for a single client over solving a market problem.
  • Having a technical cofounder helps enormously in the developer hiring process.
  • Dedicated customer success team for onboarding and working with clients.
  • Lots of people are getting into Influencer marketing for social media channels.
  • Anti-fraud tools for analysis, prevention and automation.
  • Releases every 3-4 weeks along with publicly available release notes.
  • Everflow Pricing: Usage-based with no long-term contracts.


About Everflow

Everflow is a Performance Marketing Platform, built to solve the needs of modern marketers. Performance marketing has grown sophisticated, and Everflow helps companies stay ahead. Everflow handles scale through Google Cloud, offers the best solutions available, and provides 24/7 in-platform live chat support. Created by veteran marketers, with a simple clean experience, for facing their challenges as marketers.



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