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Feb 21, 2019

Learn how Kevin De Vincenzi and Thomas Coolidge at Rapid Reponse Marketing help their agency clients grow their Pay Per Call Businesses.


Show Notes

  • Kevin De Vincenzi, CEO and Thomas Coolidge, VP of Business Development.
  • Marketing Agencies are focused on creating a multi-channel marketing effort for their clients based on their specific needs and goals.
  • Many campaigns fail because you don’t have enough information!
  • Ensure you and your client are a good fit before you start working together.
  • Many direct buyers run inefficient internal teams and need lots of training to understand how it works! 
  • Taking over old existing accounts that need to be fixed can be very challenging. Cleaning up someone else's mess wastes time. A fresh start is always better.
  • RRM has a team that listens to every call for a new advertiser / publisher and reviews calls that are in question. 
  • Growing in the Tax Debt and Student Loan Consolidation space while building strong relationships with direct buyers.
  • Businesses in the tax debt space have different goals and are looking for different types of customers.
  • Businesses in the tax debt space have different goals and are looking for different types of customers.
  • Make sure that you pick an vertical that you can a) monetize, b) refer to another business, or c) adapt to the market or customer’s needs.
  • Changes in the marketing industry mean you have be smarter and work harder in order to be successful.
  • RRM is moving closer towards an Agency business model and building bigger campaigns for direct buyers. 

About Rapid Response Marketing

Rapid Response Marketing helps clients maximize conversions and minimize cost per acquisition. Founded in the great city of Las Vegas in 1998, Rapid Response Marketing has operated as a frontrunner in lead generation and affiliate marketing.


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