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Sep 27, 2018

Find out how affiliate-turned-entrepreneur Justin Elenburg build mobileFUSED, a leading network in the inbound mobile marketing space.

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Show Notes

  • Data is extremely valuable to businesses.
  • Created ‘Mobile Money Bandit’ online course for teaching PPCall.
  • Evolved into mobileFUSED to match talented affiliates with quality offers.
  • Launched health insurance aggregator Quogen (25K+ calls per day).
  • Biggest wins:
    • Growing a successful business and building a company  (on track for $6M in 2018).
    • Creating multiple six-figure super affiliates from Mobile Money Bandit.
    • 2nd Place in the Baja 1,000 (off road racing).  
  • 3-Legged Stool Quality Feedback Loop.
  • Potential Red Flag: Advertisers than can take unlimited calls.
  • Balance quality and value for everyone in the PPCall value chain.
  • Advice for Affiliates: Try hard, put yourself out in the marketplace, fail often and learn from your mistakes.
  • Always ask how you are providing value. Money follows value!
  • Adam: Focus on intent, quality and delivering an amazing customer experience.
  • Listen to call recordings to better understand the offer, advertiser and customer intent.
  • Talk to your Publisher Manager! Ask them what’s working and offer to test new campaigns.
  • Get out of your comfort space.
  • Go to conventions and trade shows  to meet industry players and develop relationships in person.
  • Build a team to scale your efforts.
  • Hire slow and fire fast! Invest energy and time in finding the right people.
  • Working with a network aggregates your calls with other traffic.
  • Networks have already built relationships with advertisers and manage capacity for you.
  • Pay Per Call is a growing and evolving (but still specialized) niche.
  • Massive opportunity in fragmented verticals and markets. Especially for local and small businesses.


About MobileFUSED

Founded by industry leaders Justin Elenburg and Curt Denny in 2011, mobileFUSED has become a leader in inbound mobile marketing. With over 40 years of combined experience in the mobile marketing and pay per call space, mobileFUSED has generated millions of mobile leads across dozens of industries as was recognized by Inc. 5000 as one of America’s fastest growing private companies for 2018.


About Justin Elenburg

Justin Elenburg, a mobile web marketing pioneer, has years of experience and has helped shape the future of affiliate mobile web marketing. Leveraging his deep understanding of mobile affiliates, advertisers and leadership experience, Justin co-founded mobileFUSED, a leading network in pay per call and inbound mobile marketing space.


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