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Oct 18, 2018

Insights and best practices for pay per call marketing from veteran affiliate manager and media buyer Gene Morris, creator of the Pay Per Call Blueprint course.

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Show Notes

  • Work with a Pay Per Call Network to accelerate your growth.
  • Look for the ability to direct with a Buyer.
  • Have an upfront and honest conversation with your Affiliate Manager.
  • Test lots of keywords, use Single Keyword Ad Groups and remove low-performing keywords.
  • Tips for Affiliates: Have control over the IVR and a good relationship with your Network.
  • Fail early and fail often!
  • Don’t be a jack-of-all-trades. Focus on a single segment and become a wizard at it.
  • "You don't find a winning campaign, you create it." - Charles Ngo
  • It’s a lot harder to spy on mobile Click-to-Call ads.
  • Quality assurance and listening to call recordings is crucial to success.
  • Listen to call recordings to find keyword and targeting ideas.
  • Ask your affiliate network what they have in place for QA.
  • Adam: You need to build strong relationships with business partners.
  • Adam: Most people are accessible and willing to help if you reach out and ask.
  • Leave your ego at the door, be humble and grateful. People are willing to help!
  • Only the hungry are going to take action.
  • Adam: Losing money is part of the game. Failure is built-in.
  • Adam: Get introductions to top networks at:

About Gene Morris

Gene Morris is a veteran media buyer, affiliate marketer and the creator of the Pay Per Call Blueprint. Pay Per Call Blueprint is a training course for marketers looking to succeed with Pay Per Call. Gene is also Affiliate Outreach Manager at PALO Media.


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