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Oct 25, 2018

Get exclusive insights into the credit repair industry with Damon DeCrescenzo, CEO and CoFounder of The Credit Pros.

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Show Notes

  • Performed every part of the customer process from beginning to end.
  • The Credit Pros improves consumers’ credit scores by challenging inaccuracies and providing education.
  • You need to be prepared to get your hands dirty!
  • 70 Million Americans have problems with their credit.
  • Credit scores impacts many different parts of consumers’ lives.
  • Many people don’t know how Credit Scores work or how Credit Reporting Bureaus operate.
  • 90% of The Credit Pros business is driven by performance marketing efforts.
  • Tips for Affiliates: Consistent, Compliant, Communicative, Call Quality.
  • Balancing quality can be challenging and something you need to be aware of.
  • Listen to phone calls, identify issues and pass flags for ‘bad’ phone calls.
  • You need to QA to identify internal and external issues.
  • Adam: Buyers listen to calls and they will know if there’s a problem. Quality and communication is key!
  • A negative credit event will often precede an inbound customer call.
  • Look at what other products, services and information your audience is looking for.
  • Adam: Credit repair industry is a prime audience for Pay Per Call and Performance Marketing.
  • Credit repair is challenging and the barrier to entry is high but it’s massive opportunity for affiliates.


About The Credit Pros

The Credit Pros, ranked by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s 5,000 fastest growing companies 5 years running, is a financial technology firm dedicated to educating our clients on how to avoid credit oriented mistakes in the future. We are equally committed to improving the lives of our employees and have been honored by Inc. Magazine as one of the 50 best places work.



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