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Jan 10, 2019

The SMS industry is absolutely exploding and Teledrip is the fastest growing company in the space. CEO Chris Moreira teaches us how his clients are making incredible ROI using the industry's most advanced SMS Artificial Intelligence.


Show Notes

  • Teledrip is an SMS and drip automation platform.
  • Chris Moreira founded Teledrip in 2017.
  • SMS works great for insurance and finance verticals but can benefit many industries.
  • Anyone that has a landing page and wants to automate their communication with customers.
  • You can almost double your conversion rates with automated follow-up drip campaigns.
  • Using SMS gives customers the power to schedule their own follow-up.
  • Teledrip fully leverages automated Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Pros and Cons between Short Code SMS, Long Code SMS and Toll Free SMS.
  • AI doesn’t come out a box, you have to train it. Teledrip already does this!
  • You need to pay attention to words, verbage, sentiment, keywords and phrases!
  • Short code SMS work well with high-volume campaigns.
  • Real-time data is the best use case for SMS and Drip Automation campaigns but aged data still works too!
  • AI Texting requires consumer consent and compliance with TCPA!
  • SMS allows you to be very specific and targeted with your messaging throughout the consumer journey.
  • Over 83% of millennial consumers say they text more than they talk on their smartphones
  • 73% of marketers agree that focusing on a customer journey has led to an increase in revenue growth.


About Teledrip

Teledrip's workforce automation software optimizes first-contact and follow-up of prospects through conversational AI SMS, advanced IVR with speech recognition, and API integrations. Our simple, yet powerful console gives unparalleled real-time insights, analytics, and control of your campaigns including web-hooks, schedule/campaign editor, Text Inbox, lead disposition tool, numerous real-time reports, and more. TeleDrip also provides content generation, voice recordings, campaign setup, and user support.



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