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Aug 30, 2018

Learn from our in-depth discussion with Anthony Paluzzi of PALO Media and how he went from solo affiliate to a top-tier Pay Per Call Network.

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Show Notes

  • Toughest Lesson: Don’t give advertisers credit!
  • Getting Started with Pay Per Call? Define what you want to be.
  • Specialization will help you unlock success.
  • Build a team to grow your business.
  • Invest the time and become a master at your craft.
  • Networks do all your business development.
  • Don’t work with bad networks!
  • Growth and competition in the Call Space = Opportunity.
  • Inbound calls have less fraud than outbound leads.
  • Pay Per Call campaigns last longer than typical CPA campaigns.
  • Buying Traffic? Use Squeeze Pages for Google and Advertorials for FB.
  • You can view any Ad on FB anytime (Visit FB page and click on “Info and Ads”)

About PALO Media

Founded in 2010, Palo has its roots in delivering quality phone calls. Started by a solo marketer, in an effort to fill a need in the performance call marketing space. 

Now PALO is considered a top tier pay per call marketplace helping publishers monetize their leads better than anyone else in the market and connecting businesses with the highest quality phone call leads.


About Anthony Paluzzi

Anthony Paluzzi is the CEO of PALO Media and is a veteran of the Pay Per Call industry. Anthony began his journey in performance marketing after finding an affiliate link while searching for an apartment online and discovering the world of performance marketing.

Anthony created PALO Media which has grown to be a leading network in the Pay Per Call space. He is also the co-founder of the Caller Meetup, the first after-party for bringing together the Pay Per Community together at trade-shows and conferences.

Skype: TonyPaluzzi

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