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Sep 6, 2018

Learn how to succeed in the financial lead generation space with Anthony Sarandrea and Josh Elizetxe, founders of All Finance Leads.

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Show Notes

  • What to look for in a business partnership: persistence, able to implement, consistent, similar mindset and personality.
  • Have fun and make clear communication a priority.
  • Look at your business from a macro and micro level.
  • Think long term to get better results now.
  • You don’t have to agree to effectively solve a business challenge.
  • Understand what works best for the business actually servicing the customer and work backwards.
  • People want to deal with people, not machines (or forms).
  • You will need to take a different marketing approach to get someone on the phone. Create urgency, set expectations and education your callers.
  • Pay attention to call center hours, concurrency and capping.
  • Understand how businesses value an inbound call and how they extract value from it.
  • Develop strong relationships with your clients.
  • The Finance vertical is long-term, high-value and has a lot potential customers. Financial services includes a wide range of products and customer types.
  • Consumers pick up the phone when they need something done. This is especially true for financial products and services.
  • Educate the consumer and provide unique products that fit their needs.
  • Customize the service offering for the customer and consider their long-term value (ex. What products and services will they need 5 or 10 years from now?).
  • Bridge the omni-channel gap with calls, emails, live chat, etc.
  • Understand where the customer is at right now and how you can help them.
  • Don’t be intimidated by competition -- be more creative!
  • Find and recommend complimentary products for their unique situation.
  • Be obsessive about segmentation and learning about your audience.
  • Immerse yourself in the customer experience.
  • Listen to calls, ask more questions in forms, follow up with callers directly.
  • Don’t be intimidated by competition -- be more creative!
  • Advice for Affiliates: Get involved in a long-term and big-ticket vertical.
  • Focus on improving the yield of each call by providing more value to customer.
  • As an affiliate, you tend to get treated more fairly with Pay Per Call.

About All Finance Leads

All Finance Leads helps clients who need customers in all financial service verticals, including debt settlement, debt consolidation, debt relief, credit repair, reverse mortgage leads, refinance leads, IRS tax debt relief leads, and more.

A rapidly growing business in the financial sector, All Finance Leads is led by an expert team with year of experience in performance marketing, lead generation, and business development. We believe in providing intrinsic value to our customers, developing a keen understanding of the market, creating strong relationships with our partners, and constantly driving innovation.


About Anthony Sarandrea

Anthony Sarandrea is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and philanthropist. Anthony is recognized as one of the top lead generators in the world, running a team that specializes in driving thousands of inbound phone calls daily across a number of verticals. He is passionate about giving back and using his talents as a digital marketing expert to provide as many entrepreneurs as possible with the proper tools to succeed.

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About Josh Elizetxe

Josh Elizetxe is an Internet advertising veteran and successful serial entrepreneur. Josh is a sought-after company advisor and Angel Investor in the software (SaaS), e-commerce, and advertising technology industries. With an uncanny focus on data-driven strategy, his work has resulted in over $1B in proven enterprise value.

Personal Website:

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