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Nov 1, 2018

Learn how Avenge Digital owns the Pay Per Call Auto market with CEO and Co-Founder Alex Elperin.

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Show Notes

  • Marketing is learning from your mistakes!
  • Don’t accept Pre-Pay for payment terms!
  • When you’re starting out in Pay Per Call, every dollar counts.
  • Ringba facilitates client introductions for Pay Per Call Buyers and Sellers.
  • Build a network of Buyers you can trust!
  • Auto Insurance Customer Journey:
    • Customer conducts a search for “Auto Insurance” or related term and dials from a click-to-call ad.
    • Qualified using a Phone Tree (or IVR) for customer intent, zip code, and existing insurer.
    • Routed to Buyer (insurance agent, carrier, or broker).
  • Opportunity in Auto Insurance: Past experience and contacts, high call volume and scalable, recession-proof and evergreen.
  • Being able to access independent agents, agencies and carriers provides massive growth opportunity.
  • Team members with industry experience help to effectively manage capacity and compliance
  • Make capacity and compliance management part of daily routine!
  • Working with independent Buyers provide many benefits.
  • Networks do a massive amount of Business Development.
  • Independent agents can provide immediate and direct feedback.
  • Build long-term relationships with your Buyers.
  • When buying ads, you will lose money. Be patient!
  • Seek feedback on your call traffic. It will help you run better campaigns and improve quality!
  • Provide guidance to your partners to help them convert more calls!
  • Quality assurance and feedback is crucial to running successful campaigns!
  • Networks want to see Examples, Landing Pages, References and Past Experience.
  • Networks will perform QA on your calls to ensure you are sending quality traffic.
  • Transparency, relationships and communication is essential to success in Pay Per Call.
  • If you are not transparent, often you will not even get through the door.
  • Networks want to work with you, but not if you aren’t transparent or don’t communicate.
  • Account Managers live and breathe to communicate with Publishers and Buyers.
  • If you are sending bad calls, Networks will know.
  • Opportunities in Pay Per Call: Auto Insurance, Health Insurance (Open Enrollment), Traffic from SMS / Text.
  • Advice for Affiliates: Pick a vertical you are passionate about, enjoy doing and want to do for the long term.
  • Advice for Affiliates: Work with a network you can trust and growth with.


About Avenge Digital

Avenge Digital is a full service marketing agency with a strong focus in the fast growing call space. Using 20+ years of online marketing, insurance, media industry experience and contacts to work to find publishers to drive high quality calls for your offer.Avenge Digital also provides buyer connections if you are a high volume internet marketer or affiliate. In fact Avenge is already one of the top buyers of auto insurance calls in the US.


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